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SNS Pros and Cons

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Hey Babes!

Are you interested in trying the SNS or Dip Powder manicure but want to know more before you take the plunge? Well, I'm an experienced SNS Dip Powder user. Keep reading for my list of SNS pros and cons.

Before we get into the list of SNS pros and cons, I should mention that my main concern with other nail techniques was the use of the UV light. Although current reports state that the UVA light emitted from these lamps isn’t enough to significantly increase skin cancer risk, it’s still concerning to me. Besides, exposure to UV light still accelerates the signs of aging.

So, while I’m comfortable sitting under the UV light every now and then, I'm always looking for ways to reduce my UV light exposure. I've found the SNS Dip Powder is a great option if you're a person that wants to avoid excessive exposure to UV light.

*Note: Since originally writing this post, I've also invested in some UV light protectant gloves.

I use those when doing my at-home gel manicures.

Now for the list of SNS Pros and Cons!


  • The SNS manicure can last for at least three weeks.

    • My nails grow pretty fast and I can stretch it out to about 4 weeks when necessary. I’m a pretty busy woman, so I try to conserve time whenever I can.

  • The SNS enhancement really does protect your nails.

    • While routinely getting SNS enhancements, I noticed that my nails were FAR less prone to breakage.

    • Also, I have a permanently split nail and I’ve noticed that SNS manicures have really supported its growth. It’s not healed, but it grows far better than it did when I was getting gel manicures.

  • Your nails will remain glossy and shiny until your next manicure.

    • You know how your nails become dull about a week or so after you get an acrylic manicure? That’s not the case with the dip powder manicure. Dullness? Don’t know her.

  • NO LIFTING! *praise hands*

    • You know what I’m talking about. You can always tell that it’s time to get a manicure when your nails start to snag your hair, your clothes, and who knows what else. I can honestly say that I haven’t experienced lifting with SNS manicures.

  • Your nails won’t feel as weak after repeated use.

    • This is an area of much debate. There are some brands of SNS and dip powder that claim to have vitamins in their products to encourage healthy nail growth. Some nail technicians will swear that SNS powder is “healthy” for your nails, while others completely disagree with that statement.

I, personally, take a middle of the road approach. I think that SNS is health-ier than standard acrylic and gel manicures. SNS is a form of acrylic powder. However, my nails are stronger and healthier than they ever were in the past with standard acrylic, gel or even gel polish nail enhancements.

I tested the strength of my nails after several SNS treatments and my nails were only

Summer Nails. Orange nails. Orange Ombre. SNS.

slightly more flexible than before regular dip powder manicures. Again, I’ve been getting SNS manicures for a while now (one year at the time of this post). To me, that’s a pretty impressive result.

  • Speaking of nail health, I’ve noticed that my nails have remained bright and clear with every SNS manicure.

    • With other nail enhancement techniques, I noticed a gradual yellowing of my nail bed. That hasn’t been the case with the SNS enhancement. No dingy nails here, ma’am!

  • The SNS manicure is light weight and simply feels like a “level-up” gel polish manicure.

  • My hands always felt heavy with acrylic and gel enhancements. However, the gel polish could sometimes seem too thin. The SNS enhancement is the best of both worlds.


  • The price

  • A SNS manicure is typically more expensive than gel polish or even standard acrylic. However, since it lasts longer, you may actually save money if you only have to get it redone once a month. Honestly, that was one of the main reasons I started getting SNS instead of my standard gel polish manicure.

SNS nails. Pink and White Nails. Classy Nails.


  • You have to find a well-trained nail technician that cares about the health of your hands.

  • Not all nail techs are created equal and some will resort to filing off the SNS powder instead of soaking it off in order to rush the process along. Also, you have to find someone that will apply the powder in thin layers so your nails don’t end up looking bulky.

I found my skilled nail technician by

reading reviews and doing my research. Take your time and read through Google reviews and ask around.

That’s it! I honestly don’t have any other cons regarding the service. I’m in love with it. It’s helped me save both time and money. I would definitely recommend this service and I will keep you updated on my thoughts as my SNS journey continues.

I also created a nail art and manicure inspiration board on Pinterest. Click here and follow the board for constant nail ideas, trends and color inspiration.

Alright babes, that’s all for now.

‘Til next time…

Stay healthy and glamorous,

Eboneé Marie

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