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Do Peace Out Acne Healing Dots Work?

If you haven’t heard it yet, acne healing stickers are now a thing and 13-year-old me would have been elated. You know what? Thirty-seven-year-old me is pretty excited as well!

I used the Peace Out Acne Dots stickers to help me recover from a hormonal breakout I experienced late last year. Keep reading to find out what I thought about this latest development in skincare.

Peace Out Acne Dots Package on Pink Couch with Mermaid Mirror and Fluffy Pillow and Marble and Pink Laptop Case

  • How do they work?

Peace Out Acne Dots contain salicylic acid which is great at clearing pores and fighting acne causing bacteria. Salicylic acid is oil soluble which means it has the ability to penetrate the skin and break up the pesky gunk that causes breakouts.

To use the acne dots, you simply peel one off of the sheet and gently place it over the pimple or acne spot. The instructions suggest wearing the dots for six hours to encourage the best results. I typically applied the dots before going to bed.

  • Did they leave marks or hyperpigmentation?


I was honestly a little apprehensive about trying this product because I’m naturally prone to hyperpigmentation. However, this product didn’t leave marks on my skin. I believe it’s because Peace Out Dots are effective and gentle on the skin.

The Peace Out Acne Dots are actually formulated with both Vitamin A and aloe vera. The Vitamin A in the formula encourages clear skin and the aloe vera helps to soothe the area while the salicylic acid works to clear out the problem.

  • How fast do they work?

While the Peace Out Acne Dots are effective, they may not heal all types of acne after one use. In my opinion, their effectiveness depends on the size and type of pimple or acne that you’re experiencing.

What I found is that the Peace Out Acne Dots were SUPER effective on my smaller, non-cystic pimples. After one use, I found that most of these types of pimples had dramatically reduced in size and redness. I was really happy (okay, I was overjoyed) with how the dots worked on those areas.

On the other hand, they worked a little differently on the larger, more cystic acne spots. While the dots helped reduce the redness of these particular spots, they did not help reduce their size with one use. I had to use the dots multiple times before I saw a significant change in those areas. However, it’s important to note that the Peace Out Acne Dots aren’t really designed for cystic acne.

Cystic acne is a different type of beast and while the Peace Out Dots helped with redness (and eventually size), they’re simply not formulated to treat cystic acne on an ongoing basis.

In my opinion, the Peace Out Acne Dots are really designed for pustules, whiteheads and the occasional bright red acne spot that randomly appears when you have something really important to do. In that sense, these dots are a super effective acne treatment to have on hand.

  • What I liked?

I really enjoyed how easy it was to use the Peace Out Acne Dots. Also, the dots DID NOT hurt when I pulled them off once I was done with them. If you’ve EVER used a Bioré pore strip, you’ll be happy to know that it’s NOTHING like that!

(Warning: Gross Out Alert)

I also liked that I could look at the dot and “know” that it worked. You see, the dots are designed to pull out and trap the dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin and onto the dot’s sticky surface. Therefore, you can sometimes see the specks of dirt, oil or…pus…on the actual acne dot once you remove them from the treatment area.

This is going to sound weird but seeing the evidence on the stickers left me with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. It’s the little things, people. The little things.

  • What I didn’t like?

I originally complained about the amount of acne dots in each box. However, while writing this blog post, I discovered that Peace Out Skincare sells a jumbo box of 40 dots on their website.

I REALLY wish I had known that when I was going through my hormonal breakout last year. I went through THREE boxes of acne dots! **hits head**

  • Would I purchase the Peace Out Acne Dots again?

Well, I did just mention that I purchased three boxes...

Yes! I would definitely purchase the Peace Out Acne Dots again. I honestly really like the product and I may even try their Peace Out Wrinkles or Peace Out Dark Spots soon.

You can learn more about this awesome product by visiting their website:

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you found this review helpful. Feel free to leave me any questions or feedback in the comment section below. Also, remember you can reach me on Instagram as well (@healthy.glam).

Until next time…

Stay Healthy & Glamorous,

Eboneé Marie

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