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How To Wear Black Lipstick For An Everyday Look

Fall is hands-down my favorite season. Cooler weather, beautiful foliage, and pumpkin spice lattés welcome in the coziest season of them all. I don't care about being called "basic" for loving all of these things either. Wrap me up in a woven blanket, pass me some fuzzy socks, turn on a Meg Ryan movie and watch me enjoy every last second of it with a smile on my face.

However, my love for fall isn't limited to just caffeine and cozy things. During this time of year, I also love reaching for a dark lipstick. There's something about a deep lipstick shade that harmonizes with the essence of the fall season. Rich burgundy, espresso brown, and sultry reds match the velvety undertones of autumn.

Still, as much as I love a dark lip look, I've always found black lipstick a little intimidating. Let's be real, black lipstick is a show stopper. There's no playing wallflower while wearing black lipstick. That's why I made this quick video tutorial to share how you can easily create a black lipstick look that's perfect for everyday wear.

The products I used are linked below the video. Note: These are affiliate links and I could earn a commission if you click on them.

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Eboneé Marie

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