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Will A Detox Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

Hey Girl!

So as a health coach I get asked about cleanses and detoxes all the time. No, literally,


I understand the interest though. You can hardly go on Instagram without seeing an ad for one of those detox teas that promotes itself as being the answer to your weight loss dreams. As if all this time the answer to achieving your body goals was not related to caloric consumption or exercising at all! Nope! Everyone was wrong. The real answer is hidden in this mystic tea that will make all your dreams come true.

C'mon girl. You and I both know that simply drinking a tea will not help you reach your weight loss goals. Don't get me wrong though. I totally incorporate teas in my cleanse program. I'll even admit that I notice that a good detox tea will help reduce water weight (in my opinion). However, weight loss comes down to calories in and calories out and knowing what caloric sources your body enjoys.

So what's the purpose of a detox? Well, there are several types of detox or cleanse methods. For example, an elimination cleanse can help a person identify any unknown food sensitivities that may actually be hindering weight loss and affecting their body in other ways. I've used this method with my clients in the past with excellent results. One client even discovered she had a sensitivity to tomatoes that she never recognized.

A cleanse can also be used to renew the body. Living in the modern world means that you will come in contact with a considerable amount of chemicals and toxins every day. Listen, you can use organic and non-GMO everything (including toilet paper), you're still going to encounter toxins in your every day life.

I'm currently going through a 30-day cleanse and restore program myself. (Yes, health coaches need help, too). This cleanse is supplement based and focuses on renewing the body and minimizing the toxic load. Translation: Basically, I noticed that the "pipes" were a little sluggish and I was bloating a little more than normal. I'd also

become a little lethargic as well. These are all signs that your body needs a cleanse. I suggest that people do this type of cleanse once or twice a year.

Now for the question you all probably want answered: Does a detox or cleanse help you lose weight?

The answer: Yes, it can. I have a 14-day cleanse program where I've helped clients lose between 6-14 pounds. This has really helped some of them jumpstart their weight loss journey. However, I always emphasize that the main purpose of a cleanse is to help renew the body so it can properly intake nutrients and function at its optimal level.

If you're interested in the 30-day cleanse and restore program, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

'Til next time...

Stay healthy & glamorous,

Eboneé Marie

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